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Blanket Purchase Orders

A blanket purchase order issued to a vendor that may be left open for a complete fiscal year. The goods or services in the amount specified on the blanket purchase order may be ordered throughout the fiscal year as needed by the department.

When to Use

You may use a blanket purchase order when the same or similar goods and services are ordered regularly throughout a fiscal year.

How to Submit

Requests for blanket purchase orders should be submitted to 1220 Purchasing as a requisition. NO confirming copy required if it is faxed. Backup may be faxed or mailed for electronic requisitions. Be sure to put the Datatel requisition number on the backup.

How to Use 

The department orders direct with the vendor once a blanket purchase order has been issued by Purchasing, and also maintains records on what is purchased in order to verify the accuracy of the vendor's invoices.


An electronic voucher must be prepared when a vendor's invoice is received. The vendor's invoice must be stamped with the electronic voucher number, and forwarded to 1200 Comptroller's Office.


All forms should be returned to Purchasing at 1220 Campus Box or faxed to 438-5555.

  • To amend the dollar level on a purchase order departments must use the Amend/Cancel form.
  • When a blanket purchase order is no longer needed departments should request their closure with the Close/Copy Form.
  • If the balance of a blanket purchase order needs to be extended to the next fiscal year departments should notify Purchasing with the Close/Copy Form.
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