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Purchase Orders

A purchase order is a legal contract document issued by Purchasing that obligates the University to purchase certain goods and services.


Purchasing must receive a valid requisition signed by the fiscal agent of the funds to be expended. That signature gives Purchasing the authority to expend those funds. A buyer must review the requisition for completeness and accuracy, and determine if the bidding process is required or desirable. All applicable State or University regulations must be satisfied.

A purchase order is issued after the appropriate regulations and procedures are fulfilled. A buyer assigns a purchase order number, and either phones, faxes, or mails the purchase order to the vendor. A copy of the purchase order is faxed to the department that is funding the purchase.


Call Purchasing if you wish to make changes to a purchase order. Purchasing will contact the vendor.

Expediting a Purchase Order

The "To Be Shipped" date on a purchase order is frequently an approximate date. If the shipment is two weeks or more late, the vendor may need to be contacted. If you call the vendor, let Purchasing know so that we can update our records.

Payment of a Purchase Order

Purchasing is responsible for payments on purchase orders. If you receive an invoice for an order that is on purchase order, forward the invoice to Purchasing. Be sure the purchase order number is on the invoice. Also write "ok to pay" on the invoice and sign it before sending to Purchasing.

The exception to this is Blanket Purchase Orders. The department makes payments throughout the fiscal year on invoice-voucher or electronic voucher.

Purchasing will initiate payment on any vendor invoices mailed directly to the Purchasing office from vendors. Call Purchasing promptly if you have problems with a shipment and you want payment delayed.

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