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Additional Card Manager Details

Additional Card Manager details include the following:

  • Determine cardholders and handle enrollment procedures.
  • Monitoring expenditures in your department on PaymentNet Software.
  • Requesting new cards as needed through the Purchasing SharePoint Dashboard.
  • Ensuring that each cardholder has signed a P-Card Authorization Agreement through the Purchasing SharePoint Dashboard.
  • To help with monthly reconciling on the JP Morgan statement, the Card Manager must retain a folder for receipts from cardholders. Receipts should be collected from cardholders as soon as a purchase is made during the month. Then, when the JP Morgan statement is received, all receipts should be already filed and ready to attach to the JP Morgan statement which will expedite the monthly payment.
  • Card Managers need to reconcile the JP Morgan statement each month. The easiest way to reconcile is to check the lower right hand side of the first page of the JP Morgan statement. “Previous Balance” and “Payments” should state the same amount. This will show that your previous balance was paid in full. “Purchases” and “Other Charges” should equal “New Balance” and “Total Payment Due”. If they do not match, check the “Statement Messages” which will show the outstanding amount past due. If the balance should have been paid in full, contact the Accounting Office, (309) 438-5672.
  • Collecting the P-Card and handling the termination procedures of the P-Card for staff members who are terminating employment in your area or who no longer need the P-Card. This includes notifying the card administrator by requesting a cancellation through the Purchasing SharePoint Dashboard.

How many cards can my department obtain?

There is only one card manager but each department may have as many cardholders as needed.

What is the process for obtaining the P-Cards?

Please request new P-Cards through the Purchasing SharePoint Dashboard. For questions, please contact or call (309) 438-1946.

What if the P-Card is lost or stolen?

The card manager or cardholder must immediately call the P-Card Administrator at (309) 438-1946 or JP Morgan at (800) 316-6056. If stolen, please report the theft to the police.