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Acquisition Options

Direct Vendor Purchases

You may purchase directly from the vendor for procurements less than $5,000. Payment should be made in accordance with Accounting Office guidelines.

Submit a requisition to Purchasing. (Required if purchase is $5,000 or over, exceptions listed below).

Office Depot Purchases

You may purchase from Office Depot, Illinois State's designated office supplies vendor, through an office supplies contract. Orders to Office Max may exceed the $5,000 threshold.

University Department Purchases

You may purchase from another University department at any dollar amount. Pay by invoice-voucher or electronic voucher.

Agreements for Services: Individual Contracts

Agreements for Services can be used for contractual services with individuals. (This does not include temporary help or internal consultants — they must be hired through Human Resources). Agreements for $5,000 or over must be attached to a requisition and submitted to Purchasing for processing.  Agreements must be in place and fully executed before work is begun.

Departmental Credit Cards

Departmental credit cards are available for purchases less than $5,000. Contact Sue Fish at (309) 438-3373 for additional information on the Departmental Credit Card program.

Travel Arrangement Purchases

Travel Vouchers should be used to reimburse Illinois State employees for travel expenses, after travel has occurred. An original hard copy is still required for travel vouchers. Entry into the Datatel system will be done by the Comptroller's staff.

Air travel arrangements should be made through the University's designated travel agency.

Questions can be submitted to or call (309) 438-5696.

Professional and Artistic Services

Professional and Artistic service contracts $5,000 and over must be requisitioned through Purchasing. If $20,000 or over, additional state required procedures must be completed BEFORE services are performed.

Invoice and Electronic Voucher Reimbursement

Invoice-vouchers or electronic vouchers may be submitted to reimburse an Illinois State employee for approved purchases. The merchandise must be for University use, and must be registered with Property Control if it is equipment. The University will not reimburse for sales tax.

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