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Agreements for Services

Agreements for Services (formerly known as Two Party Agreements) are formal contracts to establish an agreement for consultation or other services not processed through the Payroll Office.

When to Use

Agreement for Services contract should be used for one-time or short duration services, such as a guest speaker, entertainers, consultants, etc. These agreements are not to be used for part-time staff. They are processed through Payroll.

The most updated standardized ISU Agreement for Services form should be downloaded with each new contract.

How to Use

  • Agreements for less than $10,000 per fiscal year must be signed by the Budget Officer/Fiscal Agent and the service provider prior to the beginning of service in order to be binding.
  • Agreements $10,000 and over must be attached to a requisition and sent to 1220 Purchasing or emailed to
  • Agreements over $20,000 and under $100,000 must follow the multiple quote requirement.
  • Professional and Artistic contracts $100,000 and over must be advertised for at least a 14 full calendar days in the Illinois Public Higher Education Procurement Bulletin on the Internet. They may also need to be sealed bid. Contact Purchasing at (309) 438-1946 for further information.
  • All agreements should include a description of services, specific service length, and payment terms.