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Small Purchases ($20,000 - Bid Limit)

Any purchase under the appropriate bid limit for that commodity is a small purchase.

Small Purchases Over $20,000 Require Multiple Quotes

Starting July 1, 2020 all small purchases over $20,000 will  require 3 or more quotes   submitted along with the requisition (including at least one quote from a certified diverse vendor).   

Multiple Quotes for Small Purchases Process:

  • This affects purchases > $20,000 and under bid level Expenditure Guidelines
  • 3 or more quotes are required
  • All quotes and information must be submitted with the requisition
  • At least one quote must be from a certified diverse vendor
  • Available certified diverse vendors can be found here
  • Contact Brienne Reid ( if you need assistance finding diverse vendors
  • If only one vendor can provide service/product (i.e. software maintenance, speakers, subscriptions), submit a single source justification form with the requisition
  • Lowest responsive quote should be selected
  • If a vendor is selected who is not the lowest cost, a justification statement must be submitted with the requisition to purchasing for review.

There are no formal requirements for a justification statement to use a non-low vendor. An attached email or Word document containing the statement is sufficient to include with the requisition.

To learn more about diverse vendor certifications and ISU's supplier diversity program, see our Supplier Diversity page.