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Find registration information, details for sub-contractors, and useful forms to make your experience with Illinois State as easy as possible.

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  • FY23 Year-End and FY24 New Year Orientation Now Available! 

  • **NEW** Requisition Threshold Increased to $10,000

    Starting 7/1/22 the requisition threshold is increased to $10,000. NOTE: All vendor contracts must be reviewed and signed by Purchasing regardless of dollar amount and can be submitted through the Sharepoint Intake Portal. The only exception to this is when departments utilize a standard University agreement such as the Agreement for Services.

  • Conflict of Interest & Current/Former Employees as Independent Contractors

    New Procedures - As part of the assessment process, the department(s) contracting for the services to the university need to obtain the Dean/Director's approval from both the contracting department and the employing or formerly employing department.

    Conflict of Interest Procedure

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) Purchasing Information

    For information regarding contracts affected by COVID-19, please see the following FAQ.

    Contract FAQ - COVID 19

  • Small Purchase Procedures (Updated)

    Starting July 1, 2020 all small purchases over $20,000 willrequire 3 or more quotes submitted along with the requisition (including at least one quote from a certified diverse vendor)

    The Chief Procurement Office of Higher Education has established rules regarding purchases over $20,000 and under bid level ($100,000 for most types of procurements):

    Rule 4.2020 - Purchases over $20,000 - quotes must be sought from multiple vendors, be in writing, promote small and diverse businesses, and be maintained in the procurement file.

    View the new requirements

  • Spring Procurement/Comptroller Training Slides

    Due the stay-at-home directive from the governor, there will be no face-to-face training presentation this year. However, the presentation slides are available for you as a resource and have been updated accordingly.

    New and significant changes have been highlighted in a blue font throughout the slides. These include topics such as:

    • P-Card Review: New Orientation Requirements
    • Office Depot: Order Approval Changes
    • Business Enterprise Program (BEP): Information on the Diverse Vendor Program
    • State/Cooperative/Cooperative Resources: Link to Available State Contracts
    • Agreement for Services: New Force Majeure Language
    • Voucher Process:Guidance on Voucher Expectations
    • Fiscal Year-End Guidelines: Late Requisition Submission Requirements

    View Training Slides

  • Updated Agreement for Services

    The Agreement for services has been updated to include new force majeure and COVID-19 language. Please ensure you utilize the new form when you need to enter into an agreement with a vendor.

  • SharePoint Requisition Intake System

    Reminder: The SharePoint requisition intake system is the only acceptable method to submit requisition documentation, contracts under $5,000, and Budget Officer approvals to the Purchasing Department. Please note that this does not replace the need to create a requisition in Colleague/Datatel, but it is a uniform way to submit backup documentation, provide crucial information to the Purchasing Office, and allows for Budget Officer approval through the SharePoint system instead of in Colleague/Datatel.

    Training sessions for this new submission process and on how to best utilize the Purchasing SharePoint Dashboard will be available monthly.

    You can register for one of the training sessions at the Purchasing website, or here is the link.