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Office Depot

All office supply commodities purchased with University funds should be purchased through Office Depot.

Office Depot Manual

How to Submit an Office Supply Order

Online ordering is highly encouraged. To be set up with an online account, submit an  Office Depot Request Form (Updated 10/2/2018) or Call Purchasing at (309) 438-1946 for information on getting connected. 

Please visit the Office Depot Web site  for more details. Orders placed by 3 p.m. will be delivered the next day.

How to Pay for an Office Supply Order

  • The account number you indicate on the order will be charged directly. If you are unsure if an item is commodities or equipment, call the Business Office at (309) 438-5672. As a general rule, non-consumable items $100 or more are equipment.
  • No invoice-voucher is necessary.
  • Charges will continue to appear as journal entries. Call the Business Office at (309) 438-5672 with Office Depot journal entry questions.
  • A packing list with prices given will be supplied with every order. Do not pay from this.

Using Foundation Funds for Office Depot

In order to use Foundation funds, you must create a separate login for Foundation only accounts and make separate orders.  To be set up with an online account for Foundation funds, submit an  Office Depot Request Form.