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To request a new P-Card, cancel a P-Card, or to ask for an exception, please visit the Purchasing SharePoint Dashboard.

The P-Card is a MasterCard™ for departmental purchases under $10,000. Illinois State University is embossed on the card along with an individual cardholder name.

The credit card is not to be used for personal use or borrowed by another individual.

Other guidelines include number of transactions per cycle (a cycle runs the first day of the month through the 27th) and a not-to-exceed dollar amount for the total purchases each month. The number of transactions and total purchase amount can be adjusted to meet requests in each department. For more information, please contact You can also refer to the Illinois State University Authorized P-Card Manual.

Are there items that I cannot purchase with the P-Card?

YES! Please contact for questions or refer to the listing of prohibited purchases.

How does a Department acquire a P-Card?

Two items need to be considered before a department requests a credit card. First, the department must be on the University accounting system, Colleague. Second, a card manager must be selected. The card manager responsibilities include the following:

  • Monitors expenditures on the card through the PaymentNet Software.
  • Receives invoices from JP Morgan for payment and monthly report.
  • Collects original receipts from cardholders and attaches original receipts to the invoice, enters on the PaymentNet, and sends for processing to the Accounting Office located in Uptown Crossing, Suite F. Mail code 1200.
  • Additional Card Manager Details

To request a new P-Card, cancel a P-Card, or to ask for an exception, please visit the Purchasing SharePoint Dashboard.

A department may have as many cardholders as needed. See Cardholder Responsibilities

Where can I use the P-Card?

The P-Card can be used with any vendor that accepts MasterCard™ and the single purchase is under $10,000. Illinois State University is tax exempt, the tax exempt number is printed on the P-Card holder for convenience.

Policy on Inappropriate Use of the P-Card

If the P-Card is used inappropriately, the card could be suspended or canceled. If the infraction causes suspension or cancellation, the cardholder, Dean, Department Supervisor, the P-Card Committee and Internal Auditing will be notified. Written appeals may be submitted to the P-Card Administrator and will be presented to the P-Card Committee for a decision on reinstatement or revocation of the credit card.

Examples of inappropriate use:

  • Employee Lodging
  • Office Equipment / Furniture
  • Software
  • Gift Cards
  • Using another employee's card