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Cardholder Responsibilities

By accepting and using the P-Card, the cardholder agrees to the following:

  • Make purchases of equipment, materials, or commodities competitively where practical
  • Make purchases that are for University projects or activities and comply with restrictions
  • Understand and comply with the list of prohibited and restricted purchases in this policy
  • Give complete shipping instructions when placing orders to vendors, and ask vendors to include receipts with the shipment. (Receipts should include the vendor's name, amount of order, date, and an itemized description of the item(s) purchased).
  • Pay no sales tax on purchases from vendors registered in Illinois. (The Departmental Credit Card has the state and federal tax exempt numbers printed on the card sleeve provided for each card user).
  • Cardholders must turn in receipts to the Card Manager, preferably, as soon as purchases are made.

For more information, please reference the Cardholder Responsibilities.

What happens if I “forget” and use my P-Card for a non-approved purchase?

Cardholder will receive a “warning” letter stating the improper use of the P-Card. If cardholder continues misuse, the P-Card will be revoked.

Clarification on Travel

For clarification on travel, please contact the Accounting Office at (309) 438-5672.