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A requisition is an online form in Datatel (REQM) used for the acquisition for goods or services.

When to Use

  • When a signature is required
  • When on-campus labor is required
  • When the needed goods or services total $5,000 or more. 

How to Submit

Submit a requisition electronically using the Datatel Financial System. Training is required before authorization is given to do this. Contact Shirley Murphy at or (309) 438-7613 to ensure that you have the appropriate Datatel access. Contact the Purchasing Office at (309) 438-7611 for requisition training. Back up for the requisition may be mailed or faxed. Be sure to write the requisition number on the back-up.

Required Information

  • Vendor information should be put in the vendor field. If there are multiple vendors the name, address, phone, and fax should be put in the Printed Comments field.
  • A complete description of what is needed, the quantity needed, and the estimated unit price.
  • Mail code and name of department in the Printed Comments field.
  • The account number that will pay for the goods or services.
  • A delivery address for Central Receiving that consists of a building and room number. Most packages will be delivered to Central Receiving, who will then deliver them to the departments. There should be a two digit code that can be entered in the Ship To field, or this information may be typed in the Printed Comments field.
  • The name and phone number of the department contact for the order in the Printed Comments field.
  • The fiscal agent’s approval.

Split Payments

When two or more account numbers will be used to pay for a single requisition,  a separate requisition for each fund type is required with a note in the Printed Comments field referencing the related requisition number(s).

Requirements for Blanket Purchase Order Requisitions

  • State clearly in the Printed Comments field that it is a request for a blanket purchase order to be issued to a vendor.
  • In cases where the bidding process is required or desired, list specific items to be bid upon. Also, list recommended vendors with their address, phone, and fax in the Printed Comments field.
  • Give a "not to exceed" dollar amount. This should be a reasonable estimate of what your department will spend in the current fiscal year with this vendor for the indicated items.
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